Chiahub Referral - finally here!

It's with an absolute pleasure we can present The chiahub Referral - our next step to give our farmers that little extra and promote commitment to our pool.

How it works, you ask? Easy!

  1. Login to your detail page via your login link! (Read here how it works)
  2. Locate your referral code at the "Personal Settings" section on your details page.
  3. Invite a friend, colleague, stranger, lover, classmate, that elderly woman down the street - to join
  4. Tell him or her to enter your code at "Referrer Friend" inside the Personal Setting on the detail page. (again, your friend has to login via chia client)
  5. The person you referred will appear as a new entry in the table "Your referrers" on your details page.
  6. Now comes the easy part - just wait 30 days and if the farmer hasn't left and contributed at least 10 TiB they'll be considered a referral.
  7. Profit!

Now to the boring (but important) part - our Terms and Conditions:

  1. The referring farmer must be new. With new we mean having joined no later than the last 48 hours before the referral.
  2. The referring farmer must the a pool member of for 30 consecutive days.
  3. The referring farmer needs to provide valid partials fitting his/her plot space.
  4. The referring farmer must contribute at least 10 TiB worth of plots to
  5. If the above conditions are met the amount of 0.025 XCH will be awarded both farmers (the referring farmer and the farmer who invited them to the pool).
  6. A referring farmer who has met the previous conditions are ineligible for further referral bonuses. A referring farmer can only be eligible once even if they were to leave and rejoin the pool with a new referral code.