Start Pool-Farming

Our Video-Guide: How to start pool-farming

Our Text-Guide: Prepare your system

First you need to install the Chia software. Please use only the official code from Chia Network! You find this code on the official Chia Network page.

Chia Network provides a very good and simple installation guide. Follow this guide to install the Chia software on your computer.


Now start plotting via GUI, CLI or buy pool-ready plots from


Select "Plots" in the menu and click on "ADD A PLOT". Use your most convenient settings. Select the created plotnft under "Join a Pool" and click create.


You need to know your singleton address to create a pool-ready plot. To get you singleton use the following command: chia plotnft show

Now you can create the plot via "chia plots create -c" followed by your singleton address. Of course you can add more parameters to setup your plot create command.