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At the moment, the Chia network is growing enormously and so is the number of plots. Accordingly, the chances of getting rewards individually are rapidly decreasing. So being part of our chiahub.io pool is a smart way of farming and being successful even with a small number of plots. The plots of each member are combined resulting in an increased chance of winning for each member. Have a look at our "Start farming"-page, you will see, it's easy to join the chiahub-io pool!

Generally, the difference between Chias and Mojos is nearly the same as between Dollars and Cents. A Mojo is the 1e-12 part of one Chia, it equals 0.000000000001 Chia. Mojos are the smallest unit that is valid inside the Chia-universe. Mojos are used to some general fees, e.g. for taking part in a pool or changing from one pool to another.

Yes, it is free! There is only a small fee of one mojo for taking part in or changing a pool to farm Chias. This is a general thing for any chia farming pool. But to support you coming in the chiahub.io pool, you can use our faucet on discord to get some mojos for free!

There is a "faucet service" that enables you to get your first Mojos. It is very easy: Come to our discord server any type /faucet your-wallet-id to the faucet channel. You will get some mojos for free! And of course, you will get a lot of help from us and our wonderful community!

A plot is an around 100 Gigabyte file. This file is created and saved on your computer while plotting. The plots are the basis of winning blocks of the Chia blockchain. They may not be deleted as the Chia blockchain is based on proof of space and time which is encoded in your plots.

Of course, you can keep your solo-mining plots, but it is not possible to integrate them into a pool. So, if you want to take part in our chiahub.io pool, you will need to create new plots especially designed for pooling. Solo-mining plots cannot be transferred into a pool. Our tip: Create new pooling plots to come to chiahub.io pool, and delete your solo plots if you need the space to generate more pool plots. By the way: You can buy plots by using our plot-as-a-service!

Chia farming is similar to a game of Bingo.

Solo mining: You own several Bingo cards for each plot of yours. If one of your cards wins, you get a reward that is transferred to your wallet.

Pool mining: If there is a win in your pool, you get your share of the reward which is then transferred to your wallet.

If you are very lucky and win with solo farming, you get two Chias to your wallet.

With pool farming, the pool is a team project and each member gets a share of the reward. The owner of the winning plot gets 1/8 XCH for its own. The remaining 7/8 XCH are transferred to the pool and distributed among each member according to the number of plots that he owns.

The chances of winning in a team are much higher which will balance the smaller profit.

Please allow us some more time. Once all data is doublechecked, we are going to publish the numbers on the website of our pool. The data will not contain personal information.

Yes, you can do this. There is a general fee for each change though (1 Mojo, for more information see above). Taking part in a pool creates a transaction in the blockchain which has to be paid for. But you can use our faucet on discord to get these mojos for free! And of course, we would be proud to see you on chiahub.io start your pool farming!

Take part on our discord server and become a member of our pool by generating plots. We want to have the most friendly and most growing community for secure and transparent chia-pooling worldwide!